A Play At The Mixed Blood Theatre By Branden Jacobs Jenkins

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The play I went to go to see was called An Octoroon written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. I have never been to a play at the Mixed Blood Theatre, so I was very excited to go and see this play. This play has been mentioned a lot lately by some of my theatre professors, and they said it would be very interesting. They also mentioned to not worry about the bunny too much, but I did. I am very glad I got to see this unique play with its many interesting views. The beginning of the play was very interesting in several ways. Firstly, the choice of dialect took me surprise because of its vulgar nature. I personally enjoyed the use of speech because I find it interesting when people use words freely when they are normally looked down upon. The music that was played gave made another strong impression on me. The title of the song was Bonfire by Childish Gambino, and it set a very interesting mood. It definitely took me by surprise and I did not know how to react in that situation. I just stared with my mouth open and tried to figure out why that song was being played. Another thing that I found interesting was when the actors put makeup and different clothes on in front of us. Seeing the actors start changing into new characters right in front of me made me very intrigued about how people can break the socially constructed ideas of how theatre works.
The middle of the play made me confused for a good chunk of the time. The bunny was beyond creepy and I tried to understand what its…
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