A Plea For Emigration By Mary Ann Shadd

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Mary Ann Shadd 's "A Plea for Emigration" was a pamphlet that was written for African Americans who may be interested in emigrating to Canada. By examining all the different parts of the country, such as climate and labour, Shadd paints a very positive overview of Canada. It 's a very simple read and I was able to get through it without any issues. However, as I read it, I was quite concerned with how it was written. It was a very biased opinion of Canada and Shadd was constantly overselling the country to convince people to emigrate to Canada. She only addresses any concerns for the sheer purpose of just reassuring the reader and pushing it to the side. As a result, it grossly undermines the hardships that an immigrant may face, especially for African individuals. As this was written in 1852, racism was still rampant within North America and even though Canada had an anti-slavery legislation, that does not dismiss the discrimination that Black citizens would face. Furthermore, moving to a new country and rebuilding a life there isn’t as simple as Shadd portrays, especially during this time period. With only manual hard labour as job opportunities and being forced to survive out in the wilderness, this is a life that isn’t suited for everyone. Shadd attempts to convince the readers that the hard work is worth it, but she does a very shallow job of doing so as she neglects to mention any of these difficulties. Her proposition only appear strong because she doesn’t choose to

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