A Poem Essay : The Shipwrecked Sailor

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For the past week, I have been reading and doing research in a 4000-year-old tale known as The Shipwrecked Sailor. I have translated small pieces every day from its original middle Egyptian to English. Although my progress has been quite slow, I was, however, able to get adequate time to think the entire story between translations (David, A. Rosalie). As anyone might guess from its title, The Shipwrecked Sailor is centered on a sailor that was once shipwrecked after a storm arose before his ship made it back to the mainland. The sailor happens to be the only one that survived as he was washed up on an island. Once on shore, the sailor suddenly heard a loud sound of thunder, and the ground quaked, and he saw the trees shake. Then an enormous serpent appeared from the trees and asked him how he managed to get there. Being terrified by the serpent, the sailor explains of the shipwreck. The serpent, however, consoles him by telling him about his own story which happens to be more painful. After his sad story, the serpent, however, assures the sailor that another ship would soon be coming and that he would be taken back home. “...Then a ship shall come from your land with sailors, and you shall leave with them and go to your country…” ("The Shipwrecked Sailor")Towards the end, we see that the serpent’s prediction finally came true and the sailor made it back home safe and sound. Today, there is only a single copy that survived from this ancient Egyptian tale. The manner in which

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