A Poet Protesting the Persecution of the Palestinian People

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A Poet Protesting the Persecution of the Palestinian People Poets from every part of the world from all times of history have written about the issues of oppression and hardships of unfairness and discrimination. It is easy to find writings and poetry by African Americans, Hispanics, Japanese, Chinese, and even Native American poets. These nationalities are very well represented when it comes to poets shouting of the unfair treatment of their ethnic group. However, to find poetry and poets from an ethnic group such as the Palestinians or the Afghanis is not so common, and it is usually these groups that need to be heard the most, because it is generally these people who are being discriminated upon and treated unfairly…show more content…
Darwish, being a Muslim, would agree with this. As Darwish expresses in his poem, the land belonged to his ancestors—the Arabs, not exclusively to the ancestors of the Jews. The Palestinian people believe that Ishmael’s descendants, who include themselves, are also the seed of Abraham (Nakhleh 993). Therefore, the blessings, which included the Holy Land, promised to the descendants of Abraham, belong to those who find ancestry in both Ishmael—the Arabs—and Isaac—the Jews. For this reason, the Israeli claim that the land belongs just to them is false, or so Darwish would argue. In fact, in many of his poems Darwish uses Israel’s Old Testament, “notably Isaiah and Jeremiah, on whom he frequently calls to condemn Israel’s acts of injustice against the Palestinians” (Mattar). Darwish does this because he believes that when the land of Palestine was made into Israel, the land that is rightfully his ancestors’ was stolen from him and his fellow Palestinians. In 1948, Israelis forced most “of the Palestinian Arabs from their homes, towns and villages, uprooting an entire population through forcible expulsion” (Nakhleh 251). Because of this many Palestinians, including Mahmud Darwish, found themselves
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