A Police Officer 's Job And Training Essay

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Even though not all police officers are ‘bad apples’ it still reflect badly on those that work with them and the departments they work for.
More often than not a police officer’s job and training can carry over to their off-duty personal lives, stress from the job could lead to drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence situations just to name a few. Crystal Judson Brame was the wife of a police chief who in 2003 killed her, their children and then he killed himself, it turned out that he had been abusing her for a time that lead up to the murder –suicide. In doing research, Stinson and Liederbach found that using google and other forms of new searches they were able to identify “ 324 cases in which police were arrested for a criminal offense associated with an incident of OIDV” (Stinson and Liederbach, 2012 p. 609) and of those 324 cases, it showed there were “281 officers employed by 226 law enforcement agencies” (Stinson and Liederbach, 2012 p. 609) had been arrested for domestic violence.
In order to produce effective polices for criminal behavior by police officers there needs to be more research and data collected to investigate “why some police officers abuse their power and engage in police deviance” (Donner and Jennings, 2014 p. 204). Gottfredson and Hirschi’s General theory of crime believes that criminal or deviant behavior by police officers relates to their low amount of self- control. Most only look at it from a here and now perspective
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