A Policy And Procedure Manual

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A policy and procedure Manual is a vital to the efficiency, morale, and all overall productivity of any company. It informs the employees of the company’s vision and purpose as an establishment and the steps used to incorporate that in their everyday duties and tasks, therefore producing continuity and efficiency within the company by eliminating confusion and empowering the employees with knowledge and a sense of belonging and pride. The company’s mission, strategy, and vision are married to a successful system of policies and procedures, thus creating a foundation for a lucrative an efficient business with employees that are equipped, informed, and happy. When writing a policy and procedure handbook, it is important to understand the definition of a policy and the definition of a procedure. A policy and is a set of rules and regulations for accomplishing a task and a procedure will articulate the details on how to accomplish that task. “Policies and procedures are like a state road map. The map at a glance shows areas of interest and the general direction in which to travel to reach a desired estimation. The roads on the map provide possible paths to reach a particular destination. If the correct roads are followed, the destination can be reached. In comparison, a policy points out the general direction(objective) to reach the destination(goal) well a procedure provides the paths(methods) to accomplish the objectives and goals. The procedure lays out the stats
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