A Policy Change Of Tempe Police Body Camera Activation Essay

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Strategy Possibilities to Promote a Policy Change of Tempe Police Body Camera Activation
In order to assist the Tempe Police Department better service the community, the city of Tempe equipped the police officers with body cameras to record interactions with the citizens for the safety of all involved. The policy instituted to facilitate that safety has one flaw. Whether or not the body cameras record an exchange between and officer and citizen is at the officer’s discretion instead of a mandatory recording with each police related incident.
Updating the existing policy to read that all interactions with citizens such as, but not limited to traffic stops, field questioning, execution of warrants, and responding to emergency situations must involve an active body camera will provide needed protection to the Tempe Police Officers and the citizens with whom they interact. The city of Tempe can facilitate the means to employ a more holistic approach to policing with the implementation of one of the following four strategies:
1. Strategy One: The police department could itself change the rules of citizen engagement and instituted a police procedure that includes activating the body cams at each citizen interaction.
2. Strategy Two: Appeal to the city council of Tempe to add a provision in the city charter that all police interaction with citizens be recorded.
3. Strategy Three: Lobby at the state level for a provision for all police departments in the state to have to used body

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