A Policy Proposal For The Fda And Cdc

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Dalaun Finch
Policy Manuscript
Coms 305
A policy proposal for the FDA and CDC to reduce the use and consumption of antibiotics

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are one of the biggest threats to human health around the world today. Antibiotic resistance is the natural phenomenon the occurs when a bacterium becomes immune to an antibiotic that would usually kill it, all the while maintaining its ability to reproduce. This is a problem that continues to get worse as we idly stand by. There have now been bacterial isolates found in patients that are resistant to most of the antibiotics that we would normally cure them. This is a problem in the developing world but also in countries such as the US and UK. Although people are
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In layman terms, our approach to killing bacteria is proving to be a terribly planned strategy. Some of this convincing data has already been used as evidence by law-makers to change laws. The Food & Drug Administration banned the use of antibiotics in animals in America, to prevent the selection of resistance from recurring. The European Union has changed the European wide law about how biocides are registered, and now it’s a requirement for any new biocide to be registered, as well as be proven safe to use in fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria. With the implementation of these new laws we move in the right direction. Based on the data of 114 countries, the consequences of antibiotic resistant bacteria aren’t just a prediction, but a In response to the severity of this problem, which is constantly being accentuated due to the overuse of antibiotics, I propose that the CDC as well as the FDA can recommend in an attempt to effectively control the issue at hand.

Antibiotics is one of the most important factors of all of modern medicine and without antibiotics, bacterial diseases would be life threatening and non-bacterial diseases would be affected, because treatment for many diseases result in the decreasing of a patient’s immune system. Without antibiotics these
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