A Policy Regarding Women and HIV/AIDS: An Evaluation, Analysis, and Revision

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WOMEN WITH HIV/AIDS HOW A TOPIC BECOMES A POLICY INTRODUCTION The women health is a subject of global interest. People and organizations round the world have realized that the health of a woman means the health of a family. Thus efforts are made to make policy regarding women and HIV/AIDS. A prior paper in this regard has discussed formulation, legislation and implementation of the policy and this is a sequel discussing the evaluation, analysis and revision stags of the policy making in this particular issue. As a quick flash back, policy process is about the specific decisions and events necessary to occur for policy proposal, consideration and implementation (What is Policy, 2013). An effective policy evaluated, assessed and analyzed to ensure that it works best. POLICY IN HEALTH CARE Health care services are one of the basic human rights that ensure that a person and society as a whole lives a healthy life. Health care policy making is necessary for educating and equipping individuals with knowledge and abilities to understand and improve their health standards. Many societies and states are developed as well as responsible enough that they comply with the ethical standards of offering health care to its people. However, the ethical standards are only loosely implemented and incompliance to these standards does not result into trial. Thus, legal policy making is necessary to deal with health issues particularly the issue of women and AIDs. The women in early
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