A Policy That Governs All Business Associates Of Gfmc On All Forms Of Mobile Devices

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Of this section is to create a policy that governs all Business Associates of GFMC on all forms of mobile devices. Mobile devices are defined as laptops, tablet computers, cell phones, personal digital assistants (“PDAs”), USB drives, external hard drives removable storage media or other non-network secured resources in order to safeguard confidentiality and to meet applicable state and federal laws and regulatory standards. This policy applies to the Great Falls Medical Center (GFMC) staff and Business Associates.

A business associate is an individual or entity that is not a member of your practice’s workforce who uses or discloses PHI to carry out certain functions or activities on behalf of the medical practice or other covered entity.

Note: Access to PHI should only be granted if these parties need access to perform services for or on behalf of your practice.


• Accountant who needs access to PHI for purposes of auditing accounts
• Answering service
• Billing service/agency
• Collection agency
• Electronic medical records software vendor
• Lockbox service
• Hardware maintenance service
• Transcription service
• Practice management software vendor
• Off-site record storage
• Other independent contractors who provide business/administrative services on-site

Note: Pharmaceutical representatives do not need access and/or use of PHI, please refer any requests of that nature immediately to

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