A Political Community Under A Single System Of Government Essay

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State is a political community under a single system of government. The state as an actor became powerful from 18th century onwards with the advent of democratic form of government. Its power further consolidated with colonialism and it epitomized in the nineteenth century as during that time, Westphalian model of sovereignty was revered throughout the globe. So, there were few international skirmishes during the latter half of the nineteenth century. However, the balance of power changed after the advent of non state actors in the twentieth century. This shift of power occurred due to the two world wars, which caused the formation of a number of international organizations that started playing the role of actors around the globe that ultimately initiated the power struggle for the role of supremacy. Post world war period saw the advancement in communications technology along with the expansion and development of global trade. The workforce or the labor too got divided as well as more connected during this period. The division occurred because the world now needed more expertise and exclusivity. Moreover, the connection increased due to the advent of internet that helped globalization. All these new developments needed powerful international organizations that had their reach across the globe. Thus these international organizations were formed and became non state actors in the global arena. Globalization further aggravated this situation as relations grew among state and
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