A Poor Allocation Of Our Nation 's Time And Resources

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23.7%. That is how many of 600 randomly surveyed students and staff in an independent study at PNHS said they “Strongly Agree” that their household is generally prepared for disasters (Witek, Figure 1). In the modern world, everyday citizens live under constant, and generally ignored, threats like those of nuclear warfare, international terrorism, cyber attacks, natural disasters, and other large-scale crises. While we go about our daily lives, these potential events linger and yet the average US citizen stands under-prepared or entirely unprepared for these harsh realities. Despite this shocking fact, the US Government continues to focus on defending the country rather than preparing its population. This document will argue as to why this is a poor allocation of our nation’s time and resources and why programs like Civil Defense, popular and commonplace during the Cold War, should be brought back into the picture for the preservation of the nation and its people. Our nation and its population should be educated, prepared and exercised for the harsh realities of the modern world. Along the lines of large-scale disasters, there are nearly infinite scenarios where things can go horribly wrong in a matter of minutes and hours, as opposed to months and years. Nuclear war lingers between the US and North Korea (McConnell/Todd), the tension between Russia and the US remains higher than ever (Khanal), and revived disputes between India and Pakistan threaten to ignite warfare
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