A Poor Child Of Poverty

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A poor child sentenced to a lifetime of poverty is caused by the foundations of his or her education. When a child is raised on the losing side of the social spectrum goes to school, it isn’t the school that could potentially bring them out from the depths of poverty, but one that keeps them drowning in the same things their parents did. Unlike the poor, the middle class has a lead way to both sides. They are far enough up the spectrum to work hard to reach the top or give up and hit the bottom and the upper class will always have the upper hand. The type of education a child receives in grade school determines where in the workforce they will be able to succeed, and how their success and wealth will be limited, thus leaving the large gap between the rich and the poor. The miseducation of the poor starts, like everything else in the United States of America, with money. In a simple math equation, money should be put where money is lacking. The less funds a school has, the more it should obtain to reach an equality with the other school systems. This isn’t the case, as most of the money given to the school system is put into the middle class. Whereas education for the middle class is refurbished from good to great, education in poverty stricken areas is pushed below the levels of acceptability.
Due to this, the system is backwards, making college accessible to the people who already have a paved path to making themselves successful while it cuts off ties with anyone below
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