A Popular American Topic On The 19th Century

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A popular American topic taking place in the nineteenth century has been seen as the story of the young nation and its settlement along with its expansion. This tale is often generates a bit of controversy because it was at the expense of the Native Americans lives that this young American nation was able to expand its wings, flourish its economy and set its self-up as the hegemon country in years that would follow. With the increase of population, people saw the need to expand their own personal territories and looked at the frontier as a potential home. Supported by the government, policies were put into place that would soon allocate land to those who were brave enough to settle past the frontier and into the west. While holding the notion of divine right, Americans resorted to encroachment into Native American territory which would bring about differences among both settlers. Elected president in 1828, Andrew Jackson would come into office with a plan to resolve the problem of tensions that continued among Native Americans and Euro-Americans. Beginning with the well-known word and notion of manifest destiny and moving on to the United States government policies, the American westward expansion brought much profit to the Euro-Americans but much suffering to the Native Americans. Government policies would soon be put forth and justify the oppression and disenfranchisement of the natives culture and territory. Alfred A. Cave takes a in depth look at the Jacksonian…
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