A Portfolio Paper On Employee Relation

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A Portfolio Paper on Employee Relation Mr. Manning is the CEO of The Four Father’s Marriott Resort in Mexico. He is encountering several problems. Primarily, small cash flow and decreasing profit margins over the last three years are of great concern. Also, his business has been impacted by the violence of the drug cartel resulting in a loss of customers and staff. The employees are becoming disengaged in their work and their commitment to the company is diminishing. Job satisfaction is at an all low. Mr. West director of R&D is quite a concern about the enterprise’s performance and suggested talking to an external practitioner. The foreign specialist is someone not formerly linked with the client’s system (Brown, 2011). For example, a foreign practitioner is not familiar with the company and have to acquire knowledge through a learning process of the enterprise. External professionals are not familiar with the corporate culture, norms, and jargons which create a challenge. For example, since the OD process creates change in the organization and this change has to be organizational wide, not being internally connected could make the process difficult in swaying employees toward the modification. However, “the internal OD would be more readily accepted in the organization because of the familiarization of the corporate culture, norms and jargons and is already a member of the team” (Brown, 2011, p.89). The internal OD does not have to waste time getting to know the system and
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