A Portrait of a Young Man Essay

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A Portrait of a Young Man. Portrait of a Young Man was painted by Angolo Bronzino between the years of 1503-1572. The portrait is 37 5/8 by 29 ½ inches and is an oil on wood( Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1999). I picked this painting because of the self assurance, at first glance, of the young man that is depicted. This appealed to me because it reflected my own attitude. After studying the portrait for a considerable amount of time I began to see possible sadness or self-doubt in the young mans face that betrays his powerful stance. I felt a connection to the young man, knowing all too well what it was like to present a powerful outside image while knowing there was a self conscious and scared person inside.…show more content…
An Artistic Evaluation head worked into the side. According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the monster heads that are found on the furniture and on the folds of the young mans clothing, which I was unable to locate, allude to literary references that would have been appreciated by the artist's friends. In the background there is a green colored room, that includes a door frame, a Doric column and a capital. Portrait of a Young Man was painted during the Mannerism period. It was done by Bronzino in Italy c.1540. The portrait is 37 5/8 by 29 ½ inches, it's vertical because it's a portrait. The frame cuts the shapes in the painting, this was done purposely in the typical Mannerism style which usually crowded the pictorial area . The painting is supported by wood, opaque oil paints were applied thickly with a fine brush, I was unable to see any distinct brush strokes. The forms are flat except for the beads on the young man's hat which seem to raise off the painting. The portrait contains a simple organization. There are few individual units like the chair and table but the picture is crowded. The shapes are regular and complete with clear defining lines. The painting is geometrically ordered, the chair and table appear to support and reinforce the pose of the young man.The palette the artist used is subdued,
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