A Positive Motivation Plan

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A Positive Team Motivation Plan Patrick Hall, Joyce Woodbury, William Leonardi LDR 531 July 09, 2012 Eric Heard A Positive Team Motivation Plan In today’s business world, each business organization has a diverse workforce and each worker has specific motivations and emotions. An effective manager understands the challenges involved in creating a workplace that combines the employees’ motivations, satisfactions, and performance into a cohesive and effective workforce. A manager must develop a plan encompassing the employees’ motivation, satisfaction, and performance. It is essential that the plan includes both the managers’ and employees’ perceptions to ensure that all viewpoints are incorporated into the plan for positive…show more content…
The aggression shown by a Pioneer can be a negative leadership trait when dealing with subordinates or other team members considered to be cautious or steady and the aggressiveness can alienate other team members or employees. Joyce would be considered to be an interactive style person who enjoys and emphasizes people, enjoys other people’s approval, and is very trusting of others. Her personality style works well in a dynamic, exciting group or team and has a short attention span while working on a project. If I were to manage or work with Joyce, I would need to be aware that even though both of our personalities enjoy a faster pace within the workplace, Joyce will tend to emphasize relationships whereas I will place a priority on goals (University of Phoenix, 2011). The differences in emphasis will directly affect how we perceive the tasks and our motivations for completing the task that may cause conflict between us. The DISC assessment is a great tool that any manager can use to help identify his or her leadership style and motivations and can use the information provided within the assessment to help identify reasons for conflict with other team members or subordinates. Understanding Emotions Understanding the emotions within a team is also an essential aspect of being a leader and team member. Learning Team D members work well together even though we have different personalities because the entire team has a high emotional intelligence
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