A Positive Perspective On The Pursuit Of Knowledge

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I agree that “[the] knower’s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge”. The knower has to have a positive perspective in order to attempt to pursue the knowledge that the knower desires. To pursue something, there has to be a motive or drive for the knower to do so. I feel like without the positive perspective to drive the knower’s desire to gain knowledge, the pursuit of knowledge is meaningless to the knower. Even if knowledge is gained, the knowledge becomes meaningless because there is no application. Knowing means the knower is able to apply the knowledge to life by demonstrating, relating, expanding, and more; the act of application helps validate the pieces of knowledge. By truly knowing rather than accepting what the knower presumes to be “knowledge”, it demonstrates that the knower has this positive perspective to drive his/her pursuit of knowledge. As opposed to having a positive perspective in the pursuit of knowledge, having a limited perspective or being close-minded will cause the knower to disregard eye-opening information that contradicts your beliefs. Religious knowledge systems and natural sciences are two areas of knowledge that opposes each other and demonstrates how “the knower’s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge”. The knowledge questions that will be answer are how does a restraining the self to a single perspective limits the pursuit of knowledge to only certain pieces of knowledge and to what extent can multiple
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