A Post-Apocalyptic Era in The Maze Runner

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The characters are in the middle of a massive maze. The shelter in the middle is called the Glade.
The Maze Runner is about a boy named Thomas who is brought to a place called the Glade. He arrives there in a big elevator that they call the Box. Thomas has no memory about how he got in the Box or who he is. The only thing he knows is his name. When he gets out of the Box he is greeted by a group of about 50 teenage boys called the Gladers. He is overwhelmed with all the new information about the society. The Glade is a settlement in the middle of a huge maze. No one knows how they got there and why they are there. Every week the creators send a supply of food, and every month they send a new boy to the Glade. In the maze, there are gross creatures with spikes called Grievers. If stung by a Griever, you can remember things about the past. But before you can remember the past, you will go through an extremely painful experience called the Changing. Every night, the gates close, keeping the Gladers safe from the Grievers at night. Randall 2 They day after Thomas arrives, a girl is sent saying that she is the last one, and then she goes unconscious. He feels a connection between him and the girl, but doesn’t know how. Shortly after his arrival he grows close to a younger boy called Chuck and an older boy called Newt. They both tell Thomas how the Glade is run and about all the…
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