A Post Apocalyptic Society By Coupland

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How would you react to being trapped, fighting for survival, in a post apocalyptic society? Coupland takes an interesting look at this and presents many other underlying ideas that build up the basics of human nature, such as, competition, control and survival of the fittest. The relatable main character showcases the darker, bitter, side that is contained in the fabric in all of us, but in a satirical comedic tone. He does so in a way where the even the structure of the writing is how you might expect an average persons’ thought process of events.
Throughout the story, Coupland breaks nearly every paragraph with asterisks. This is one of the most noticeable aspects to his style in this story. By breaking the paragraphs apart like this he accomplishes two things effectively: 1) reading for the audience is made easier by grouping single thoughts and breaking up text. 2) It gives a journalistic feel to the main characters experience – like it is his diary. The “diary entry” style really puts emphasis on the isolation aspects of being in a remote location with only single thoughts being given at a time; which also leaves a little mystery as to what is happening to the main character when he isn’t “writing down/giving” his thoughts for the audience. The overall feel to the story is very comedic, satirical and reinforced by the choice of language.
One can’t help but to be caught off guard with the first sentence “Fucking fuck, there is no place worse than the port side of the…
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