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A Postmodern Bore

Imagine, if you will, a world where everyone was the same, where your neighbors had the same clothes as you did, the same kind of dog, and the same color house as you did. A world where everyone looked like everyone else, behaved the same, and thought the same. A world characterized by total and complete conformity through assimilation, incorporation, and deindividualization. A world where an elite cadre of individuals determined the very shape of reality itself. This world is held by many scholars to be typifying of one of the major aspects of Postmodernism. Although Postmodernism refuses to define itself , (Kozinets-see later,) it according to many of these scholars threatens the very existence of civilization as we
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A society should not be based on the view of the world from one perspective to the exclusion of all other perspectives. Rather, it should be able to see all points of view and incorporate them into its worldview.

But after awhile this philosophy began to be replaced by a new system, a know all, see everything Orwellian big brother that attempted to maintain a rigid order among individuals, and among their thoughts, because in order for this diseased system, Postmodernism, to survive, it was necessary for all men to be exactly equal, in their behavior, in their actions, and in their thoughts. It began with architecture and art, and then proceeded to infect our individual beliefs and opinions. Whereas once men were free to hold their own opinions, now all men were required to believe the same beliefs. (As the Counting Crows have observed, round here, we all look the same. ) According to Habermas, this new system was created by a flaw in the old one. This flaw lay in the fact that Modernism had no set of rules for interpersonal contact. Therefore, whenever two peoples individual spheres did come in contact with one another, each ones sphere was influenced

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