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Frost and Rhys: Writing Similarities and Differences
Charles R. Cobb
ENG 125: GSH1331C
Alessandra Cusimano
August 28, 2013

People experience poetry and short stories differently, yet they all use similar techniques or terms used to write literature. All literature uses some type of tone, a point-of-view, and symbols. This tools for writing help tell the story by giving the reader the emotions, perspective and the hidden messages, making the story come alive to reader and in captivating the reader into the story itself. Others use different terms to help tell their story for poems, rhythm is used often. While in short stories and dramas, foreshadowing and metaphors are used to help tell the story. These tools are not used in
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2010). At the beginning, of “Used to Live Here Once” the main character is thinking or reminiscing about crossing these stones as a child. She stands looking at the crossing stones “remembering each one” (Clugston, R. 2010). However, they in in a sad and depressing tone, both sharing a form of regret. Frost’s poem shows the regret and sadness of not being able to take both roads to see where they lead. Instead of just only knowing where one goes. “Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back” (Clugston, R. 2010), this statement show his knowing that he will not be able to return to this spot in his life and that fills him with the regret of never knowing if he truly choose correctly. In the short story by J. Rhys the main character’s tone at the ending of this story, she finds out that she is dead. Nothing could be more depressing than discovering that you are dead.

Point of View The point of view in a story is important information for the reader because it will tell them what perspective they are getting in the story. This helps understand the main character better. If the story is in the first person point of view then all information about everyone and everything is by that characters perspective. However if the story is being told from the third person point of view then you are getting a larger and clear perspective of everything
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