A Powerful Family And A Corruptive Society

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A Powerful Family and A Corruptive Society
The Montana 1948 describes the twelve years old boy David, who witnesses the family tragedy that involves murder, sexual assault, and racism during the summer of 1948. The Native American Marie was killed by David’s uncle Frank, who is the popular and well-known doctor in Bentrock. In order to cover up Frank’s crime, David’s father Wesley suffered both external and internal pressure from the power of grandpa Julian, the justice system, and the name of Hayden. Although Wesley works so hard to collect evidence against his brother Frank, Frank chooses to die rather than to convince his guilt. Given too much power in the hand, the Hayden family is blind to the laws and tend to manipulate the society. Thus, in order to preserve the fame of the Hayden family, the Hayden abuses too much power and ignores the laws and justice, which leads the society to the destruction.
The purpose of obtaining power is not for benefit townpeople as whole rather than to gain domination in the society without practicing any laws. For grandpa Hayden, he had the ambition to control others’ behaviors and “he wanted, he needed, power”(8) to make himself superior to others. It is a common phenomenon that racism is one of prevailing trend in the society of 1948. Grandpa Julian represents one of the typical examples that shows his extreme disdain and prejudice toward the Native Americans, who are treated poorly and badly at that time. Although grandpa had an idea
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