A Practical Example Of The Indochina War Essay

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Strategy is difficult and complex by its very nature, its nature is constant but its character is evolving due to changes in technology, society and political ideas. Strategy can be dynamic or static, depending upon the stability of the means or ends, it may change if new means become available or if different ends appear to be preferable. Strategist understanding of the tangible and intangible factors and instruments of national power in addition to the interplay relation and weighing them collectively is a key to formulate and execute strategy. In this paper, I will explain these factors, how they are interconnected and how strategists should weigh them in formulating and executing strategy along with a practical example the Indochina war in 1946.
There is a wide variety of factors that influence the formulation and the execution and later the outcomes of strategies. The strategist must weigh those factors and understand the strategic choices that faces the decision makers. Some of these factors are tangible like geography and instrument of national power (diplomacy, military, economy, and information) because they have a definite, objective existence. Others like culture, ideology and history are intangible. The interplay of these factors in a given polity will predominate the way strategy is formulated and executed.
Despite that the modern technology have removed some difficulties in projecting power, geography still exercise enormous influence on the strategic
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