A Prayer For A Catholic

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For I was hungry and you gave me no food, a verse in the bible I remember. One can say they love God but do they love others? Coming to mass only once or twice a year does not make one a catholic. Making a monetary donation does not make one a catholic. Being able to recite prayers does not make one a catholic. Being a Catholic is about participating in mass, how we say our prayers, and contributing time and talent. Jesus was put on the earth to show the people that we should love each other and reach out to those in need. Being an active catholic gives back to the community. A true catholic is an active catholic who lives in the way of Jesus.
Mass is a gathering in God’s house to celebrate the Liturgy of the word and Holy Eucharist. Everyone is invited to mass regardless if you have been baptized. Many catholics attend mass every sunday. However, only active catholics listen to the liturgy while inactive catholics zone out or fall asleep. There are some catholics known as CEO which means they only attend Christmas Easter mass Only. Every church is different some have a small amount of gathers or a large amount of members. Other churches may celebrate after mass every sunday while others only once a month. Finding the right church is key to enjoying mass as well as being active within the church. Finding a good time to attend mass is also important in becoming an active member in the church, many members go multiple times a week however if the attendee can 't make it there
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