A Prayer For Owen Meany By John Irving

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“A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving is a novel in which religion plays a significant role. One of the main themes in this novel is faith in God and faith in oneself, and the conflict between belief and doubt. It is this need for faith that brings the two main characters together. John and Owen seem to need each other and there is an odd connection between the two that is shown throughout the novel. This connection seems to “curse” them to eternal friendship and forces each other to depend on one another. There are many reasons as to why John and Owen fit together, but few stand out as primary reasons. This is a lack of guidance, religion and faith. Throughout the novel, John and Owen rely on one another for guidance and advice. This is most likely because they have nobody else to turn to. Owen’s parents did not care for him, therefore never being the parents Owen needed in his life. At the beginning of the novel, John’s mother is still alive, having both John and Owen look to her as their motherly figure. This gives you evidence that their reliance on each other is minimal. Though, at the point when John’s mother dies, the friendship between John and Owen grows stronger because they now needed each other more than ever. From that point on in the novel, the boys did not have anybody to go to besides each other. Dan Needham is considered to be a fatherly figure for John, but John never went to him without talking to Owen first. At the age 11, John and Owen had their…
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