A Prayer For Owen Meany Essay

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During my junior year of high school, I read A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. Before then I had enjoyed reading, but it had never been more to me than a source of entertainment, similar to watching TV. However, the ingenious, miniscule symbols and nuances about the book forever changed the way I look at literature. Throughout the book, Irving subtly compares Owen Meany (a tiny, strange boy with an extremely high voice) to Jesus. At one point, he plays Jesus in a Christmas pageant. His parents even believe (and try to convince him) that he was a virgin birth, much like Jesus was according to the Bible. More subtly, his friend John Wheelwright frequently uses the exclamation “Jesus!” – but only when he is talking to Owen, almost as though he is addressing him. Owen also plays the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in a play, although he is just referred to as the Ghost of the Future. Later on he has a vision of his own date of death. There are countless other important and significant symbols in the book as well, ranging from an armadillo to…show more content…
Until I read Fight Club, most books had a very similar feel to read, so I never understood why different people loved certain authors over others. However, Palahniuk’s writing was so distinctive and new to me that it perfectly illustrated the significance of the author of a book. Fight Club is fast moving, disjointed, and confusing. The text is seemingly randomly punctuated with obscure comments such as “I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.” This method of writing mimics the frantic sense of confusion that the reader endures before finally finding out that the narrator and Tyler Durden are the same person. This way of writing, much like a well-written movie music score, sets the scene and mood for the entire novel in a way that is impossible to do with just descriptions and simple
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