A Precious Resource : The Need For Clean Water Essay

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A Precious Resource: The Need for Clean Water
Science/ Social Science Basged Cross-Curricular Unit

By Jet Hughes Definition of pollutant.

A substance that pollutes something, especially water or the atmosphere.

What are the pollutants?

Dirt, Bacteria, Nutrients.
Yeah. Dirt, it was listed as the main cause of water pollution to our rivers and streams. When dirt washes into our streams and rivers it kills any fish eggs clinging to the rocks, also it can clog up the gills of fish which kills them. Another bad thing is that the dirt stops sunlight getting to the plants in the streams or river which stops them being able to photosynthesise which kills them.
How does the dirt get into the streams.
Well one of the main ways dirt gets into streams is cows on farms. They wander into the streams dirtying them from the dirt on the body’s. Also if you remove tree’s from the bank it speeds up the water flow which will corrode more of the dirt from the bank of the stream’s
Bacteria is one of the main problems of water in NZ. Some of the bacteria are not harmful (like yoghurt which has bacteria), but the presence of indicator bacteria show clues that there are other germs and viruses are in the water that might make you sick too.
How does the bacteria get into the stream’s
The main sources of bacteria are combined sewers and runoff of animal waste from farms and city streets.
How do the pollutants get into the water?
These are some of the main ways
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