A Presentation Of The Special Operation

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This is a presentation of the Special Operation (SO) Imperatives displayed in character situations within The Ugly American. I have also compared and contrasted my personal experiences with these situations. Throughout this process, I analyzed and assessed not only the similarities and differences between the character situations and the SO Imperatives, but I evaluated and chose experiences that meant something to my development as a man and Green Beret. As a man who believes in being authentic, I reflected on my deployment experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Qatar to analyze my choices. I call this presentation my “growth through experience” because I will never develop into the man I want to be unless I develop into the man I need to be. My main topics will center around three situations in the book. The first topic will center on Ruth Jyoti as she speaks to Joseph Rivers about U.S. foreign policy in Setkya. The second topic will center on Ambassador Macwhites’ discussion with the Honorable Li Pang. The third topic will center on the Martin family when U Maung Swe spoke about improving the prestige of America in Southeast Asia. I will use my experiences of my times in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Qatar as examples. Although every instance of this book can derive from understanding or not understanding the operational environment, my points will explore how my team and I applied them in modern operations. Ruth Jyoti had the uncanny ability to understand the application of
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