A Presentation On Communication Methods

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Good morning everyone! My name is Christie Heath. I am PA to our HR Manager Lind Blessed here at Trusty Homes, and bon behalf of the HR Team, this morning I am going to be giving you a short presentation on Communication Methods. Now that Trusty Homes has branched out into our own insurance department, providing contents and property insurance to its homeowners and landlord’s, it is essential that as a brand we have a clear understanding on not only what communication means but importantly what good communication can mean for our business! We use communication methods every day without even considering it, in fact just attending this presentation is demonstrating one medium of communication you as an employee will use today! Together we are going to take a short look at • What communication is • How we communicate as a business and also as a brand to our consumers • Then most importantly, how we can improve our customer engagement by first using effective methods of communication and secondly by removing any barriers to effective communication….. But, before we get to that, let’s go right back to the beginning…… WHAT IS COMMUNICATION??? So, to start with let’s take a look at the definition of Communication…. That is “The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or another medium” To consider the theory of communication and what it means in context for business, it really is quite simple. Communication is a means of connecting people and places. A two way
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