A President's Duty

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If you lived in the era of the 1940s you would have lived to see World War II end in 1945 when the German army surrendered and America won the war. You would see the wrinkles of smiles on the faces of people young and old; fireworks to celebrate the success. Segregation was fading because of the war, and women were receiving the chance to show what they were truly capable of the rights they had gained. You would see the economy soaring thanks to the mass production of war materials. The pride of millions of Americans escalating. The United States was looked at in a completely different way because of our atom bomb. You would have lived to see some of the greatest things that ever happened to America and it was all because of a war. Where…show more content…
This could have lead to riots because of raises in prices for food or clothing because merchants couldn’t get a hold on very many supplies. Waiting out is sometimes helpful, not in this situation though. Some of my fellow peers might say that the cost of war is much to high to pay when you could easily wait it out and let the problems fade out on the own like a zit, which if you pop on your own sometimes will be worse than just letting it be. They may say that damages outweighed the benefits from such as losing lives or property. While this may be true, in the end what really matters is safety and freedom. The nation was having problems and wasn’t safe at the time because of sticking with isolationism. Madison made the right decision to put the nation safety in front of any other choices and go to war. “Madison tried a new approach to protect Americans at sea”… (Hart 168). Madison believed the war was necessary to help maintain a strong and safe country and that’s what everyone wants in the end, to be safe and strong. In the constitution it states that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are three natural born rights, but you cant have liberty or the pursuit of happiness without safety. Without the war we wouldn’t necessarily have safety. In contrast to that point, the cost of war can be very high; however, if we think about it, war really is worth it. “War |wôr| : a state of armed
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