A Priest Of The Family

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In Tobin’s short story, “A Priest in the family”, a widowed grandmother named Molly, possibly in her upper seventies, has a priest of a son named Frank. The Irish culture is built upon three pillars: church, garda (state/government) and teachers (can be seen as leaders as well). Each pillar is tightly interwoven and have individuals some will say are role models. As mentioned earlier the church is a pillar in Ireland society, meaning priest are held in high regards, they are noble men who can do no wrong, and they are the individuals within their communities where its members come not only come to for reassurance, spiritual guidance, but also to confess their sins so they can be free of any of their wrong doings. Molly’s son was a priest who shattered this holy image. Frank’s mother can be quoted saying, “it is nice having a son a priest who’s very holy. He’s one of the old-school. But I can say what I like to you”. Throughout the story there is this sort of anticipation, and it begins when Father Greenwood abnormally visits the grandmother who immediately suspects the worst. Molly questions the priest as to whether it is about her daughters or grandchildren. The priest hesitantly discontinues and calms Molly down. In spite of the priest clearing Molly of any malignant thoughts, throughout the story Molly feels as if her day is off, she simply believes people in her community are becoming aware of her newfound interest in technology, however; shortly after her trip to the

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