A Principal'S Job Is One The Toughest Job There Is.If You

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A principal 's job is one the toughest job there is. If you have not taught you do not understand the educational system. I have this vision of how I will make positive changes that will affect kids lives forever, When I retire, I want to look back over my career and be remembered for the positive changes I made to my students and staff. I want to leave a legacy as one of the best principals that every worked in this public school system. I know the job is always under scrutiny and I realized how much stress you are under however, if you love what you do,you can rise above all of the negative. You have to have the mindset to deal with a small minority of community, parents, students, teachers, and staff, who are always looking…show more content…
A system of excellence partnering with the family and community, preparing students to function effectively in a rapidly changing world by developing global citizens through academic excellence. I watched a news program where, people from another country , how people were putting in 100+ hours of overtime to compete in this virtual world. The competitiveness of this country to compete and stay on top is something that I will have to prepare my students. I don’t believe they will have to work 100+ , however, they will need the skills necessary to compete which would teach critical thinking and problem solving. My Core Beliefs My Core Beliefs are responsible for building and maintaining a high performing institution that ensures all students will successfully acquire the knowledge skills and values necessary for success. I would be engaging students family and community in the education process that enhances learningand academic achievement. Teachers are crucial in students achievement. Teachers will be responsible for teaching studfents how to learn. Teachers collaboration and team work are crucial. My Core Values My core values would be to personalize learning for each student. I want a place where teachers, studfents, staff, parents, and community work together to create a student-centered learning environment. In this place would provide teachers, with decision making process, and provide them with

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