A Pro-Choice Essay on Abortion

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There have been various attempts to stall this menace in the USA but the approaches have always looked at the issue of teenage pregnancy as a religious and family value issue hence missing the point at all times. There must be a cultural and social consensus that the issue of sexuality is a normal and healthy segment of an individual's life and that by wide and far, the sexual intercourse is part of the wider teen population life because at the age of 16 years, 40% of Americans have already had sexual intercourse. These are facts that cannot be ignored by any segment of the society.

For long the issue of abortion has attracted a lot of attention and there should be lasting stands take towards the whole aspect of pro-life or pro-choice abortion. My personal stand is that the pro-choice abortion should be given the light of day and with this, there will be room for people to make informed choices and decisions on the matter.

The fact that it is not legalized in some states makes it hard for women and teenagers who would like to procure abortion to do so safely. This has led to severe consequences on the side of the women. It is estimated that unsafe abortion accounts for…
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