A Problem That Exists In Today’S Society Is Obesity. David

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A problem that exists in today’s society is obesity. David Haslam, Naveed Sattar, and Mike Lean researched just how badly obesity was affecting the human population. They discovered that The United States is 10 years ahead of the United Kingdom in regards to its obesity problem. Diagnosis of obesity is determined by a person’s body mass index (BMI) and or their waist circumference. A BMI greater than thirty indicates that an individual is obese. Obesity can be caused by bad diet, unusual sleeping patterns, little to no exercise, as well as multiple health problems including type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, among other things(Haslam, Satter, and Lean, 2006). Obesity affects one in five children and out of the population in…show more content…
NFL Play 60 also started a partnership with Brax Fundraising so that schools who do not have the financial resources to provide children with physical education can start fundraising to do so. Most of their programs and events are done through schools so if a child’s school does not work with Play 60 they will not receive the benefits those programs could offer. On their website NFL Play 60 lists ideas for teachers or physical education leaders to provide them with resources that their schools may not offer whether they are or are not a part of their campaign. This was in effort to reach as many children as possible and give them a chance at a healthier future. NFL Play 60 partners with many different programs to ensure children in school are active daily so they are guaranteed a healthier future. The National Recreational Park Association has been providing elementary schools apart of NFL Play 60 with NFL Flag essential kits to provide tools so that the children can be active. NFL Play 60 also partners with the American Heart Association. Like NFL Play 60, Boys and Girls Clubs of America is partnered and funded by the NFL to continue physical education among youth. Fitness Gram provided in school and out-of-school organizations with fitness assessment tools that provide report cards for the children, their parents, and teachers to track health and physical activity. HopSports training systems takes a

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