A Process of Decision Making by Caregivers of Family Members with Heart Failure: Article Review

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Article review Sanford, J., Townsend-Rocchicciolli, J., Horigan, A., & Hall, P. (2011). A process of decision making by caregivers of family members with heart failure. Research & Theory for Nursing Practice, 25(1), 55-70. Q1. What is the purpose of this research? The purpose of this research is to better understand how caregivers of patients with heart failure make decisions about patient care. Q2. What is the research question (or questions)? This may be implicit or explicit. Can a generalized, stage-based approach to decision-making for caregivers of patients with heart failure be constructed (similar to that of the 'stages of grief' rubric)? Q3. What theories, frameworks, models or concepts may have influenced the researchers' choice of a research design? If this is not stated specifically, list any that are implied. The explicitly stated theoretical approach was one of grounded theory, or the discovery of a theory pertaining to specific circumstances based upon the analysis of data. This is rooted in an idea that nursing research should be grounded in practice. Theory should be governed by facts, not vice versa. Q4. How do the authors describe the design of this study? Because caregivers must often assume control over the care of a patient with heart failure, the design of the study was to examine the decision-making processes caregivers of patients with heart failure go through by talking to a representative sampling of the population. The stages
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