A Productive Life With A Positive Emotional Well Being A Social Worker Essay

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There are more than six million children being treated for mental health issues (Hawkins, & Jenson, 2016). For that reason, children with mental health issues are at a higher risk of living with these disorders as they transition into adulthood (Hawkins, & Jenson, 2016). In order to live a productive life with a positive emotional well-being a social worker must verify the reasons why children are feeling depressed and if therapy or medication are effective when treating them. Also, in order to decrease the percentage of children developing mental health issues the social worker will need to help the children and assist them with the best interventions and give them the proper care to develop positive results. Practice question for the profession of social work: “Is cognitive behavior therapy accompanied by psychotropic medication (antidepressants), more effective than just receiving therapy alone when treating depression in children?” Grand Challenge The grand challenge selected was to “Ensure healthy development for all youth”. Raising Awareness The grand challenge selected was to ensure healthy development for all youth. Youth suffering from depression are more likely to suffer severe symptoms of hopelessness as they transition into adulthood (Aspe, 2009). This grand challenge targets the youth population because feeling sad and hopeless can be long lasting. Children suffering from depression are more likely to be involved in criminal activity, run away from home, and
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