A Professional And Personal Relationship Essay

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Sarita Ince Nov. 7th, 2016 Research Paper: A Professional and Personal Relationship to Inclusion “What do we want inclusion to do? And, how will we know if we have succeeded at it?” I have been asked repeatedly why I am pursuing a degree in Special Education in addition to my General Education Degree. When I consider being a Teacher in a modern, democratic, inclusive classroom the reasoning seems logical and obvious; it would be impossible to meet the fullest ethical standards of Teaching if you were lacking in the specific skills and mindsets necessary to teach a significant and traditionally underserved portion of your students. As an example, when it comes to inclusive classrooms “A large amount of literature demonstrates that there are major teacher effects on students’ achievement and that effective instruction involves teachers’ decisions about how classrooms are organized, how instruction is presented, and goals and expectations for performance.” By approaching the discussion of inclusion from an ethical and practical perspective we set ourselves up “to see inclusion not as something that we do to a discrete population of children, but rather as something we must do to ourselves.” This implies that the process and goals of inclusion may be ongoing, uncomfortable and subject to change and redirection. According to Urie Bronfenbrenner based psychological theory, a person is a nested, ever changing product of interconnected relationships and spheres of
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