A Professional Journey As A Nurse Of Today

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A Professional Journey as a Nurse of Today Many people today use the words career and profession interchangeably. Those two simple words have similar meanings but build upon each other instead of define one another. In fact, it could be said that careers may in fact lead to a profession. Nursing once started as a career and throughout the decades has grown to be a widely accepted and admired profession. The profession of nursing consists of specialized knowledge, a well-developed code of ethics, and the use of the scientific method. None of the above said skills are achieved over night. It truly is a journey to become a professional nurse. The Basics Prior to beginning the journey, let’s establish a very relevant and important lesson. Define the Professional; “relating to a job that requires special education, training, or skill done or given by a Person who works in a particular profession, paid to participate in a sport or activity”. (Merriam-Webster). Professional socialization is a fitting title and best description of the journey to becoming a professional nurse. Professional socialization in itself means a person has embodied the values, attitudes, needed skill set, and vast body of knowledge pertaining to a professional subculture (Merriam-Webster). The first characteristic to define nursing as a profession is the need for knowledge. The knowledge used by nurses has qualities of theory and clinical. Both aspects of knowledge needed for nurses are important because
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