A Professional Social Worker And What The Term ' Social Work Essay

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This essay will explore what it means to be a professional social worker and what the term ‘social work’ entails in contemporary England. Then, it will briefly focus on the history of social work regulation as well as exploring how ‘personal values’ and ‘professional values’ impact on social work practice and also explain how professional standards, codes, values and ethics are relevant to social work practice and their relevance to service users and carers.

In the UK, the title ‘social worker’ is protected by law (McLaughlin, Leigh, and Worsley ,2016). This means, only individuals registered with a regulatory body are allowed to call themselves social workers. The HCPC is currently responsible for regulation of social workers in England. However, the history of social work regulation in the UK is relatively young when compared to other countries for example, in France, protected professional title dates back to 1953. Whilst England, not only not had a regulatory body set up until 2001 but also social worker title was not a protected until 2005 (Adams, Dominelli, & Payne, 2009).
Up to 2001 no regulatory council existed for social work profession as a whole. However, in 1971 the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW) was established was solely responsible for education and training of social workers. In 2001, the Care Standards Act 2000 has brought in a new, first of its kind, regulatory body responsible not only for training but also for

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