A Profile Of Interdisciplinary Senior Design Project

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A Profile of Interdisciplinary Senior Design Project Abstract: Interdisciplinary undergraduate engineering programs have increased in importance and significance over past few years. Interdisciplinary research areas are strongly motivated to become disciplines themselves. If they succeed, they can establish their own research funding programs and make their own tenure and promotion decisions. Interdisciplinary studies can also give skills that help future engineers to cope in a changing environment. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of these interdisciplinary courses and programs, it is important to examine how students ' perceptions develop through the duration of the course, specifically in regards to their approach to an…show more content…
The approach towards this project shows interdisciplinary learning between various engineering fields. First thing to start is designing of table which involves precise dimensions and this involves mechanical engineering to implement material modeling. Secondly, the design also involves kient sensor which needs to be embedded with the simulator and programmed through assembly language, requires electrical engineering in it. Finally all the functionality and image processing results are programmed using JAVA coding which are exclusively done by computer engineering. This shows the importance of Interdisciplinary studies. Various heat exchanger designs are proposed for cooling beer wort from boiling temperature to fermentation temperature. In beer making cooling the wort quickly is very important for three main reasons: it avoids oxidation, bacteria contamination, and chill haze formation. Fast cooling the wort provides a thermal shock to these heat-sensitive proteins causing them to permanently precipitate. Chillpipe heat exchanger is been designed and developed, that will cool 5 gallons of wort in less than 4 minutes, and that is easy to clean and set up. This involves using specialized software called “S&Thex”, developed to demonstrate the chemical design & rating calculations of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. Also testing
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