A Profile Of Interdisciplinary Senior Design Project

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A Profile of Interdisciplinary Senior Design Project

Interdisciplinary undergraduate engineering programs have increased in importance and significance over past few years. Interdisciplinary research areas are strongly motivated to become disciplines themselves. If they succeed, they can establish their own research funding programs and make their own tenure and promotion decisions. Interdisciplinary studies can also give skills that help future engineers to cope in a changing environment. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of these interdisciplinary courses and programs, it is important to examine how students ' perceptions develop through the duration of the course, specifically in regards to their approach to an interdisciplinary engineering problem. We are engaged in a curriculum development project to increase the multidisciplinary span of these courses to include Electrical, Computer and Mechanical engineering, approached for senior design project and viewpoint. Current paper explains about few senior design projects which are ongoing project and shows the interdependences of various engineering field. The overall purpose of this research is to assess undergraduate engineering students ' perceptions of interdisciplinary senior design project work.

Augmented Reality Pool Simulator is a final design report for an augmented reality pool simulator using a cost efficient pool table and a system consisting of two sensors and a projector. The…

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