A Profile of Facebook Essay

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Social media nowadays are bombarding people’s lives whether it is Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, LinkedIn, Orkut, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Groupon, and many more. Social media has changed how people interact with each other and how they express themselves on the Internet. Facebook, for example, has really altered people’s perception of themselves. We hypothesize that this altered perception in turn influences their behavior on product choices and involvement with particular groups. Facebook Background As of now, Facebook is the most trafficked social media site with over 600 million users in the United States and countries worldwide. It exceeded MySpace in January 2009 and has 58% of its users outside of the United States. It has…show more content…
This lawsuit almost caused the company to shutdown but after Zuckerberg denied any claim, the lawsuit was dropped. It also went through privacy issues in 2009 when they changed their policies, which caused a huge controversy with users. Zuckerberg eventually reverted back to the old privacy policy and is still in the works of changing it. Even with all these controversies, Facebook is still widely used for social networking such as keeping in contact with friends by writing on each others’ walls, posting photos, updating statuses, writing notes, joining groups and attending events. Facebook and Self Theories With the widespread popularity of Facebook, people worldwide are becoming more involved online and this is changing the self-perception of many consumers. With social networking sites we are granted a feeling of validation and importance through how we interact online. Facebook is one platform that does this extremely well and this may be the reason why it has attracted (and kept) so many users. Facebook allows users to belong to certain “networks”, join “groups”, “like” interests, and share their thoughts with the world through status updates. These features all help users to feel validated by their friends and others whom they connect with. This is important because it facilitates what is known as self-categorization for the user. “Self-categorization theory focuses on the set of group norms that define
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