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A Profitable Home Recording Studio For $10,000 Jumping in to starting a business can be scary and investing in a home recording studio is no exception. There are many things to consider when doing so. How much will it cost? What gear will I need? What recording jobs will I take on? What will I charge? How will I network and advertise? I believe that I can open a profitable home studio for $10,000 mixed with my skills and gear that I already have. Before I get too in depth I need to discuss some assumptions about the situation. The first assumption is that I will be a home owner or at least a home renter when I pursue this business venture. If I were propose that this studio could exist in my current residence it would be an…show more content…
If some of my first few jobs are making demos for bands, I want those demos to be as good as possible since that is one of my biggest advertisements. So when the band is paying for demo quality they will get better than demo quality no matter what that takes initially. The last reason is simply to undercut the competition. Like I mentioned previously there are people in town who have been in the business for quite a while and are really good. However If I can make recordings close to as good as they can for a fraction of the cost, I’m going to be getting business. The number one thing that I want to do with my studio is record full length great quality albums for bands. This may or may not be my bread and butter as far as recording goes but it is what I’m most interested in. The target price that I want to charge for this is $400 for a ten song album. This is assuming that there will be a six hour block for drum tracking and eight hours total for tracking other instruments. If I’m planning to make $10 an hour this leaves 26 hours for me to edit and mix. Anything out of the norm will be charged for accordingly. For instance if there are excessive tempo changes in songs or the band wants to go extreme with layering guitars and vocals. Some pieces of gear that I will need for this application are an awesome analog compressor, stellar reverbs and good microphones. Since in owning a home studio I wouldn’t likely have a studio drum kit or every mic that a

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