Essay on A Program Budgeting System for Horton University

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Horton University is committed to providing affordable, high quality education and increasing educational attainment through excellence in teaching and service. While it is always a priority to be fiscally responsible, it is of particular importance during times of economic downturn. In an effort to provide long-term financial stability, it is necessary to develop and implement a budgetary process that aligns with and supports the institution’s strategic plan. While the University is maintaining its stability with current donors, it is not increasing in large contributions as desired. This is of particular concern because an increase in state appropriations is unlikely while the increase of student tuition and operational costs is very…show more content…
Review of budgets will be on a fiscal year basis.

Horton University serves a diverse population, many of whom rely on outside financial resources to fund their education. In an effort to provide need-based scholarships to deserving students, the institution will implement a “last dollar” scholarship program to students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Those students who receive enough financial aid to cover all tuition costs will not be eligible for the scholarship. As a result, the scholarship will afford the opportunity for more students to attend the institution tuition free rather than further stacking financial aid awards. As outlined by the Board of Visitors, students must be in-state first-generation college students, exceed minimum admissions standards, and not be able to financially able to afford tuition costs. In order to comply with the latter, the student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) must fall within a range that makes them ineligible for full Pell, but still leaves a gap fee to be paid.

Garnering support for this scholarship program will be essential in implementation and sustainability. It is proposed that scholarship students get paired with a mentor whom invests in the student’s success. Alumni will be contacted to serve as mentors, but business and community leaders will also be actively recruited to serve. This is key in an effort for these leaders to see these students and the college in action, which
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