A Program For A Non Profit Telecommunications Company

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The view is truly breath-taking thirteen-thousand feet over the Delmarva Peninsula. Ten years of anticipation and preparation had paid off, I went Skydiving and yes, I would go again. My thirst for adventure like my thirst for success has given me the desire to continue academic training. My undergraduate education has given me the ability to take on small tasks in the professional world as a Projects Coordinator for a non-profit telecommunications company. This company is young and has potential for growth, I believe the advanced knowledge of management theories and objectives will equip me to evaluate proper growth strategies. Along with experience, academic advancement will help me to succeed beyond my current capabilities, opening doors to higher levels of responsibility and compensation. Publically, I have taken on volunteer opportunities with local organizations that promote small businesses and community growth. I would like to become more involved with how these organizations promote community participation, develop timeframes and raise funds. Goucher College, Masters in Art Management topics in organizational development, public participation, and fundraising align with my hunger to progress professionally. Additionally, Goucher’s campus community encompasses two of my biggest passions philanthropy and adventures. From the Food Recovery Network to the Outdoors club I am excited to interact with philanthropic, courageous, professionals while participating in the
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