A Project Management Class For Teams

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OLS 371 is a project management class for teams to learn project management skills through planning and developing through hosting a community service event in the form of a bike ride for Central Indiana Bicyclers Association (CIBA). Team is defined as a group of people that come together to achieve a common goal. The common goal for students in OLS 371 was to successfully host a bike ride. The objectives for the pesky peddlers team were; 1. To host a CIBA bike event with a short and long route. 2. Outline a bike routes effectively to ensure an easy/safe ride. 3. Prepare riders with easy to read maps. 4. Ensure a safe route with well thought out Support and Gear (SAG) locations. Students enrolled in OLS 371 went through four stages,…show more content…
The storming stage is where team members are forced to address issues that might cause some form of conflict. In the storming stage, the team is looking for structural clarity and rules to prevent conflict from happening. The project manager needs to be assertive, actively listening to the members, and encouraging members to view other alternatives. It is important to involve everyone in discussions. The project manager raises difficult issues and coaches the team through their struggles. The pesky peddlers had their operating guidelines in place, and roles and responsibilities were clearly defined. At this point, students were supportive off each other and was appreciative of other’s skills and experience. The team responded well to the guidance of the project manager. During the norming stage, the pesky peddlers team marked a short and a long route with Dan Henry’s for bikers to follow. Dan Henry’s are symbols that allow riders to follow established courses easily without cues sheets or map. However, each rider was provided a cue sheet a map at the beginning of the ride in case they had questions during their ride. There were two SAG stops for the long route and one SAG stop for the short route. Drinks and snacks were provided at both SAG stops free of charge to the riders. The pesky peddlers gained confidence and felt a sense of momentum and this is how they were able to move on the performing stage. The pesky peddler’s team successfully made
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