A Project Management Methodology For Managing Projects

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Over the past decades, an ability and capability to organize project management could determine the success of an organization. Generally, project managers use formal project management methodology to run projects efficiently. This article describes the explanation of the differences between PMBOK and PRINCE2, the advantages and disadvantages of those models, and the example of a project which use PMBOK methodology.

The differences between PMBOK and PRINCE2
“PMBOK” stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge. PMBOK Guide is a book which explains standard guidelines for managing projects. It clearly defines a project management, the life cycle of project management and the related processes.
"PRINCE" is an acronym for Projects in Controlled Environments. It is a project management methodology with an intension to cover all types of projects. It develop for and extensively used by the United Kingdom government. PMBOK provides framework. The project managers could pick and choose the most suitable concept and then tailor it to the project based on the need of organization. It is very descriptive since it gives a lot of tool and technique for managing the projects. Furthermore, this methodology is focused on the activity. It starts from creating work breakdown structure to define activities and sequence activities. Moreover, it has actually 5 process groups, 10 knowledge areas and 47 processes.
On the other hand, PRINCE2 provides methodology which highlights what should be
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