A Project Manager At Andres Construction Services

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Mr. Cody Whittle is a project manager at Andres Construction Services, L.L.C. in Dallas, Texas. On Wednesday, April 6, 2016, Mr. Whittle spoke to all sections of the Construction Project Planning course to explain the purpose of scheduling in commercial construction. Andres Construction Services is a family-owned construction company which employs about one hundred employees. The company focuses on negotiated work on multi-family apartments, retirement communities, adaptive re-use complexes, private schools and universities, office buildings, and churches. During Mr. Whittle’s lecture, he focused on a handful of projects Andres Construction has worked on in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. These buildings include the SO.7 Shops and Lofts, The…show more content…
The same is true for construction scheduling; the schedule, similar to a game plan, shows where you are and where you are going. Mr. Whittle also compared scheduling to a set of dominos. In this metaphor, each domino refers to an individual task in the schedule. Mr. Whittle explained that until the tape and float “domino” falls, you cannot paint. Items in the schedule that are dependent on a previous activity must “fall” in a sequential order in order for the schedule to be an effective tool. Mr. Whittle also stressed the importance of breaking the schedule up into bite-sized pieces. The smaller the pieces, the more manageable a schedule is to maintain and communicate. To explain the importance of a schedule in the process of constructing a building, Mr. Whittle showed us how he scheduled the Roth Street Flats and the issues that came into play. The first schedule that was presented was the four-week look-ahead schedule for the project. This was created at the front-end of the project when very few subcontractors on the site. Mr. Whittle explained to use that if you are going to have major delays, you want them to be at the beginning of the project so that you have plenty of time to catch up and react to the effects of the delay. The Roth Street Flats were originally scheduled to be an eighteen-month project, but a major delay caused the project team to lose one month. There was a tower crane on site, and when the operator
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