A Project Manager For The Success Of Acer Inc.

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I Worked with Nokia Solutions Networks as a Project Manager for many years. Acer is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. Over the years, the company has emerged from a small local business to become successfully global. Its visionary founder took into account its difficult path as the best way in which the company could prosper towards the acquisition of the global market. As Barrow (2011) contends, one of the factors that has promoted the success of Acer Inc. is the proper financial systems and budget employed in the management of its finances. For example, in 1976, it was founded with a capital of US$25ooo, but has grown steadily to become a multibillionaire company, together with its other close competitors (Barrow, 2011).
Running a company often requires carefully planning and review of finances. Various studies reveal that most companies use other forms of accounting mainly for measuring, identifying, analyzing, and reporting their financial information. In spite of making tremendous success, proper financial budget planning is still important for the development and success of Acer Company. In this way, accounting tools may include financial statements, forecasts, and other may be employed. Proper budget planning is important to the business in the following ways. Firstly, through the budget, detailed information on the analysis of how the company anticipates spending its finances, in future times can be revealed. Proper budget planning limits

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