A Project On A Company

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The Purpose of doing this project is to get better understanding how to organize a company, and being able to predict about companies future revenues. Well in order for me to complete my entire project, I have to do a lot of researching. Well first, I went to visit Plaza College Library to see if I can get any sources for my project. But I couldn’t find any books pertaining to my company Exxon Mobil Corporation. So basically the library to me was just useful. So instead I used a couple of search engines such as, Google, Ask, and Bing. They were not all useful to be but Google search engine helped me with tons of information for my company. Google search engine gave me numerous of different websites that have answers to my portfolio questions. The most useful website for my project was the main is the main website for Exxon Mobil Corporation. And other websites like PublicCitizen.com, Businessethicscases.com, citizen.org and etc., so these sources gave me a lot of insights for my project. Another helpful source is my Business Organization textbook: “Business in Action”. This textbook gave me information for Part Four: Ethical and Social Responsibility, this section is in my portfolio project. My company main website gave me information about their history, strategies, business headquarters, and the chairman’s CEO letter. So basically all my sources that I discussed in this writing are very helpful. I have gathered more than five sources because the more information I’ve
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